Want to change the world?
Apply for the Old Scholars Travel Award

The Old Scholars Travel Award was set up in memory of George and Hilda Hutchinson, the Head and his wife who steered Sidcot safely through the difficult days of World War II.

If you are in your final year at Sidcot (or have left within the past three years) and are planning to spend some time volunteering for an international charity, you can apply for an award to cover some of your costs. All you need to do is complete a form on Firefly outlining your project and your ambitions to change the world!


The aim of the Travel Award is to encourage Sidcotians to travel cheaply, adventurously and as far as they are able.  It is important that those who win the Award should get to know the lives and cultures of the people they visit and they should be worthy ambassadors of goodwill from Sidcot and their country.

The awards will be made in June each year, up to the maximum amount generated by the 'Old Scholar’s Travel Award' fund. If no award is made in any particular year the balance should be carried over, thus enabling a larger award to be made in the next or subsequent years. The awarding committee may make more than one award each year and will be given to:-

a) A current Sixth Form student about to leave school or having left Sixth Form within the past three years
b) Travel proposals which aim to promote the general good of mankind in some way
c) Applicants who can show that they have actively sought to find other sources of funding for their proposed journey

The journey proposed should begin within a year of receiving an award. Successful applicants will be expected to write an account of their  journey which will be published in Sidcotian Friends magazine.

Your application:

You can apply by completing a simple form on the school's intranet by Monday 21st March 2016. 


Click here to read about one adventurer who used the Old Scholars Travel Award to volunteer in an orphanage.




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