Leaving a gift in your Will

Securing the future of education for Sidcot children - just like you

Sidcot school was always forward-thinking, right from the minute it was set up by the Quaker community in 1699 and later in 1808 when it became one of the first co-educational schools in the UK.  By leaving a gift in your Will to Sidcot, you are able to ensure that future generations of students can continue to enjoy the quality of education and the unique Sidcot experience, that you enjoyed, for many years to come. 

It is important to provide for your loved ones, but even a gift of one percent of your assets can have a significant impact on the school's ability to introduce new and inspirational teaching projects and activities to develop a generation of Sidcotians who will, in turn, help to change the world.

We would advise you to contact a solicitor to help you ensure that your wishes are correctly recorded but, if you would like to speak to us in confidence about leaving a gift in your Will to Sidcot and how this could be used for the future development of the school you love, please email alumni@sidcot.org.uk or call the Alumni manager, Joanna Hodnett on 01934 845254.


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