Welcome to the Sidcotians Community

When asked what they will miss most about their time at Sidcot, final year pupils often talk of the sense of family, friendship and community that they have experienced here. Sidcotians has been established to enable students to continue their very important relationship with the school and to assist them in maintaining the life-long friendships they have established. To begin your search for Sidcot friends, log in and register today to create your own on-line profile and access the directory of Sidcotians.

On leaving Sidcot every pupil and member of staff is automatically a member of Sidcotians, joining a global community that promotes the values of the school. Sidcot endeavours to maintain contact with each and every member, offering opportunities for involvement with the school to the mutual benefit of Sidcotians and current pupils.

Sidcot alumni live and work in every area of the world. Sidcotians often return to the school to share their experiences and advice with current pupils and it is our aim to provide links to possible mentors whenever a pupil is seeking an introduction to a particular area of employment .

Throughout its history Sidcot has helped young people reach their potential and fulfil their dreams. Many have gone on to pursue interesting and rewarding careers in areas ranging from the arts and drama to science and technology - read more...

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